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Blockchain and dapps Resources


Hey Blockchain Hacker,   You can implement your solutions as user-facing apps (mobile apps or web apps) or as smart contracts (for the Ethereum blockchain or Hyperledger), or both.   If you choose to build a mobile app, we highly recommend using Toshi. , built by the awesome folks at Coinbase. It provides a built-in integration with Ethereum. Every user has an ETH wallet, and you can write JavaScript code to easily transfer money between users and the app.   If you choose to build a web app, you may find it useful to interface with smart contracts with  web3.js. (if your smart contracts are running on Ethereum), or with Fabric Client SDK (if your smart contracts are running on Hyperledger).   To code smart contracts, we recommend  Truffle for Ethereum (code in the Solidity language), and  Fabric SDK  for Hyperledger (code in GoLang).  

Resources: Proffer’s Blockchain Hackathon